We are Tillater, a brand of Tradespot Mobile (Pty) ltd. We have a heart for helping people, uplifting communities, creating equality and supporting the entrepreneur.

The world-class and multi-faceted mobile payments, e-vending and banking platform at the heart of the solution is developed and maintained by Kineto and supported by Strategic Local Partner RTG. Tradespot Mobile has a focus on the entrepreneur to provide them with innovative tools and mechanisms to make a difference and gain market share. Our philosophy is to help the entrepreneur “become” a part of the alternative economy and trade through our alternative value store and trade system. Alternative values include digital commodities.

We are proud to be a 2D Transact enabled community. 2D Transact is probably one of the most exciting new payment mechanisms recently introduced to the industry and this game changing, patented system was developed right here in our great country. If you are operating a value store (wallet) or run a bank you should definitely contact the 2D South Africa team and enable your subscribers to use it.